GSB Gold Standard Group Review

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GSB Gold Standard Group is a relatively unique company in the world of precious metals. Their goal is to make software that allows for the trading of precious metals, allowing for increased liquidity and opening the market to more people.

But is this actually the best company to work with? We've taken a look at what they have to offer, what their reputation is, and who can benefit from investing.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Josip Heit
  • Rating: 3.5/5

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About GSB Gold Standard Group

GSB Gold Standard Group Review

The company got its start a decade ago in Germany. The original purpose was to create a global trade center for trading precious minerals and metals. Today, the network spans more than 100 countries around the globe. You can make direct trades with people even if you don't speak the same language.

This global trade center makes it easier for people to buy and sell precious metals at low prices. It also makes it much easier to liquidate your precious metals.

The company has expanded its services since launching. You can invest in digital products like a G999 card, which is meant to secure your online assets. In addition, the company uses a blockchain platform that has been very helpful for businesses all over the globe.

There is a digital bank held to the gold standard, as well as a universal gold merchant. This allows people to be confident that their trades are always backed up and can be facilitated with ease.

As time goes on, the company has continued adding more technology to their platform. Traders and investors can connect through the platform to make secure transactions. In 2014, the company upgraded their digital presence and began including blockchain technology in their software.

GSB Gold Standard Group is among the top companies capable of distributing precious metals. You can have metals physically shipped to you, or you can keep them in the GSB bank without any hassle.

Available Services and Products

GSB Gold Standard Group Review

The company specializes in creating software for trading precious metals. They have created an online marketplace that allows people from dozens of countries to connect and trade. Their technology incorporates the blockchain, which helps transactions to be faster and more transparent.

GSB has worked as an IT specialist and software management service for startups, banks, brokerages, and asset managers. They are committed to giving the best international service no matter what your level of expertise in the finance industry.

There are over 40 employees that all have diverse ranges of expertise. They work to create and develop software, offer marketing insights, and research the next big thing in the precious metals industry.

The products and services are slightly different from those you'd expect to find with a regular precious metals marketplace. GSB focuses on pioneering software, rather than controlling the marketplace itself.

Lifestyle Card

Early in 2021, the CEO of the company unveiled the first credit card made entirely from solid gold. The GS card is among the most valuable credit cards available. You can use it to spend your cryptocurrency holdings at different retail establishments.

One of the draws of the card is that it lets you exchange cryptocurrency to a variety of international currencies including yen, US dollars, and euros. It can be used throughout the world in any place that accepts credit cards. The company also claims that it gives you a better exchange rate on cryptocurrency than you'll get with most banks.

In addition to the cryptocurrency perks, the card comes with a rewards program. As you travel, you can get a discount of 30 percent on some transportation and lodging costs. The rewards program is available in more than 100 countries across multiple continents.

If you're interested in the card but don't want a solid gold credit card, there are other options available. You can choose a gold plated, plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum card instead. Every member gets 24/7 concierge and support services, no matter where you are in the world.

The support team is available to answer any questions or concerns you might have at any point.

G999 Coin

G999 is a type of cryptocurrency that was developed by the company. It was meant to allow for the transference of digital assets between wallets, with a highly transparent blockchain system. Like other types of cryptocurrency, it benefits from being decentralized and quick.

The company used blockchain technology to allow for secure trading, which minimized the risk of hacking. Asymmetric encryption is used to protect all of your communication regarding the cryptocurrency.

With all of this in mind, it is important to note that this cryptocurrency is not worth very much. It peaked in value immediately following its launch, and then it collapsed to a fraction of its original price. There are no indications that it might recoup its value, either. All in all, it's probably not the best crypto option to go with.

GSB Gold Standard Group Review

Universal Gold Merchant

The universal gold merchant is a software program that lets you convert your crypto into centralized currency without any hassle. You can use it to integrate crypto tech into your regular business activity.

Once you exchange your crypto tokens with the gold merchant, you can move your centralized currency of choice to a bank account. There's a high level of flexibility and transparency with the action, and every retailer worldwide can use the system.

Blockchain Academy

For people who want to learn more about cryptocurrency, there's the blockchain academy. This service is meant to educate you about the benefits and risks of investing in cryptocurrency.

There are several courses that the company has developed. In order to access them, you'll have to pay a fee. Each course uses educational videos that are streamed every day. Upon finishing the course, you will be given a certificate.

Thanks to the simple structuring, these courses are easy to digest. You'll also have access to a practical syllabus that gives you well-rounded knowledge about a variety of crypto investment topics.

Depending on how much you want to learn, you can subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time. Other rewards are available for people who complete the courses, like transaction discounts.

Is GSB Gold Standard Group a Scam?

GSB Gold Standard Group Review

GSB Gold Standard Group is not a scam. The company has been established with the purpose of providing unique service to clients. Because of its different offerings, it has been the subject of media attention and scrutiny. All signs point to this being a real company.

With that said, there may be some managerial practices that have a negative impact on how things are run. For example, some users have complained that there is poor customer service. Since there aren't many consumer reviews online, those complaints stand out.

There have also been complaints regarding the company's exclusive G999 coin. This coin had its highest value when it was first released onto the market. It quickly lost most of its value. Investors were disappointed by how quickly the coin crashed when it was supposed to be such a valuable option.

If you don't invest in the company coin, though, there are services that you can take advantage of. The company has excellent trading programs for precious metals, and they use proprietary software to protect your information with the blockchain.

The company is partnered with registered entities that facilitate financial transactions. These partners have been in the industry for years, if not decades. They wouldn't have any reason to work with a company that was scamming people.

Pros & Cons of GSB Gold Standard Group


  • Trading precious metals is convenient with the platform.
  • You can access information about your accounts in real time.
  • There is some protection using blockchain technology.


  • Not many customer reviews available online.
  • Some customer service complaints.
  • The Blockchain Academy course teaches a lot of information you can find online for free.

Final Thoughts

GSB Gold Standard Group is an interesting company that aims to do something no company has ever done. They focus entirely on the sale and trade of precious metals. Their proprietary software has been used to revolutionize the online precious metals trading market.

Services have improved ever since the company began using blockchain technology. In addition to buying precious metals, the company has certain crypto services. They tried to launch their own cryptocurrency in the past, but the value crashed shortly after the launch.

All in all, this is an interesting company with a lot to offer. But they're also missing a lot. It's very difficult to find reliable customer reviews online, for example. And there are some reviews indicating that the company has poor customer service.

On top of this, they don't offer services like precious metals IRAs. If you want to invest your retirement money in precious metals, you're better off working with a company that specifically specializes in this.

Overall, we believe that there is a better option when it comes to your investment.

The above company is our top recommendation after doing extensive research. Feel free to keep doing your own research, or you can visit GSB Gold Standard Group below!

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